Visitors travel from far and wide to get to Winterfesthiver. Here's what some of our festival-goers had to say:

"John, congratularions to you and your team of volunteers for another great Winterfest!! kids and I truly enjoyed it!!" J.-F. Lalonde

"Every year we travel from Dalhousie NB to Minto to visit family and we always attend Fredericton's Winterfesthiver!  It's a great reason for us to visit, get active and make memories! Thank u for all your hard work on a well organized and fun event." W. LaBillois

"What a great festival you guys pulled off this year. I couldn't go out and about, but my 18 year old Grandsweetie who is still new around here had a blast. Her msgs to friends and family are filled with You should see! and Guess what I'm doing now!  You all are a blessing to so many people who want to keep playing outside a fun and exciting thing to do." J. Dymond

"Coming from Saint John.  I've been attending the Winterfest for years with my kids and we wouldn't miss it for the world."  B. Mattsson

"Thanks John, Monica et al for a great weekend." T. Frazee Nason

"Not only fun for the young but brings the young out in us older folks as well so much to do." T. Nowlan

"I love seeing all the excitement of the faces of all the little ones running around, watching their faces light up going down the giant ice slides and running into old friends you haven't seen in yrs."  G. Chase

 "I love that there's something for everyone & every age." K. Morton

"Winterfest is always exciting for us. My favourite is the maze. Other than that, it's watching my grandson enjoy all the activities.: A. Norrad-Reid

"It's the only time I enjoy the cold weather." H. Osborne

"Getting outside with the family even though I am not a winter warrior." K. Dwyer

"We have so much fun as a family at this event!" W. Coffin Carlisle

"Wonderful job! Thanks so much!" W. Wilson

"We were there yesterday and I want to say thanks to everyone who contributed to making this one of the best family events there is to attend in our province The organizers are to be recognized for a wonderful contribution to their community! Well done and much appreciated!!! Thank you"  D. Gaddess

"This was our first Winterfest and DEFINITELY won't be our last!!!"  L. Kennedy

"Thank you to all the volunteers!!! WE had an awesome time again this year! Thanks for making the winter just a little more fun and a little less gloomy for everyone!"  C. Richard

"It [the dog sled ride] was great, they had smiles from ear to ear when they stepped off. Thank you for a great day"  J. Jarvis

"Our kids thought it [the dog sled ride] was the best part...well actually a tie with the tube slide with the gentleman that sang and danced to the music, while spinning the tube for them!"  A. Migchels

"My family and I had so much fun in the maze yesterday. Thank you to all who made it. WOW a lot of work."  S. Biggar-Guitard

"These volunteers are amazing to give their time for this event each year...this was my first time here and was very pleased and enjoyed it very much...I would definitely recommend it to others...and definitely be back...great job!!!!!"  S. O'Reilly

"We had a WONDERFUL time..and when it was snowing today made it just perfect for winterfest!!!!! Only missed one year so far, and that was due to flu...LOVE going, it's a great way to have a blast with the kids, where adults can enjoy the fun too!!"  A. Morrison

"You guys have the greatest parking lot attendants!!"  S. Stozek

"I went for the first time this month - loved it. xxoo" K. Flemming

"We had a blast, thanks!" L. Pollock

"A big shout-out to all the fabulous volunteers at Winterfesthiver this weekend! Friendly, dedicated & helpful!"  P. Fussell

"Congratulations on a fantastic event!!! Our kids had such a wonderful time. Lots of smiles and buckets of laughter. The girls are already counting down until next winter's event and they can't wait to do another round of volunteer work. In the words of one of my daughters "Absolutely the best fun volunteering, EVER!!"  M. Smith

"Had a blast fundraising for the girl guides today. Great turnout! And we had a blast on the slides! Great job! :)"  R. Smith

"Had a great time volunteering at the bottom of the slides today! Thanks to all of the kids who were dancing with me and to the DJ for the shout outs and all the great music! This was my first year volunteering and I'll definitely be back next year."  K. Au

"Thanks & congrats to Winterfesthiver organizers & the countless volunteers 4 making this another unforgettable family festival!" Fredericton Tourism

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