What To Wear

Remember to dress the part! Winterfesthiver should be enjoyed not suffered...

On Your HEAD

Wear a warm hat that covers your ears.

On Your FACE

If it's really windy or cold, wear a ski mask that does not hide your eyes.

On Your NECK

Wear a scarf.

On Your BODY

Wear several layers. Start out with an undershirt and long underwear. Cover with a warm sweater and pants as your middle layer. The final layer should be a windproof, waterproof, breathable jacket (your winter jacket should do here). Be sure to tuck your undershirt into your pants for added warmth.


Mittens are much warmer than gloves.

On Your LEGS

If you have the need for speed while sliding, a nylon outer layer is best. Jeans and brushed fabrics in jackets and pants are not recommended as they 'stick' to the ice. Ski pants provide cushioning for your bottom as you go down the slides and will help to keep you warm and dry. Be sure to tighten any drawstrings on your pants so the heat does not escape.

On Your FEET

Wear one or two pair of warm socks and tuck your pants into your socks for added warmth. Finally, wear a pair of boots that fit well; not too tight, nor too loose.

Hint: Adding hand and foot warmers to your mittens and boots will ensure a comfortable, warm visit. Don't forget sunscreen and perhaps wear your sunglasses, as well.

Now that you're dressed nice and warm head out to Winterfesthiver!

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